X-Mas Jogo de Adivinhas

Do you know the Algarve?
Sábado, 13 Dezembro 2014 | Sobre Nos

The winner of the lunch for two at Grissino is....drawn by lot:

Tiago Gago, Congratulations!

Here are the correct answers - did you know them?

(1) In 1808 a few brave Algarvian fishermen set sail in a small dinghy for Brazil to spread the good news to the Regent D. João VI who was in exile there, that the Portuguese did expel the troops of Napoleon. A replica of the dinghy “Bom Sucesso” is moored on the waterfront of which town:

  • A  Portimão / B  Lagos /  C  Olhão

(2) A popular starter made from maize-meal, fish, shellfish and herbs, is a delicious reminder of the region’s Moorish past:

  • A  Al-Gharúm / B  Xarém / C  Harém

(3) Faro, the capital of the Algarve, was already a town in the Roman Empire with the name oppidum…

  • A  bossánova / B  ossónoba / C  ossóbuco

(4) If you are looking to the beach “Praia da Cordoama” on the Costa Vicentina, you are on or near the:

  • A  Torre de Aspa / B  Torre Molinos / C  Torre da Medronheira

(5) The range of hills of the Serra is covering almost 50% of the territory of the Algarve. The westernmost part is called:

  • A  Serra de Espinhaço de Cão / B  Serra de Caldeirão / C  Serra do Mú

(6) The memorial “Cemetery of Anchors” on the Ilha de Tavira shall remind to:

  • A  a fleet of tuna fishing boats sunk during the tsunami  of 1755 / B  the Portuguese armada taking part in the Battle of Trafalgar / C  the old tuna fishing methods in the Ria Formosa

(7) The name of the excavation and museum of a Roman settlement near the marina of Vilamoura is:

  • A   Cerro do Pé / B  Cerro da Vila / C  Cerro da Marina

(8) Perceves (goose barnacles), growing on hard-to-reach rocks at the Costa Vicentina, are a delicacy. Biological they are

  • A  Sea anemones / B  Crustaceans / C  Mollusccs

(9) Three mediaeval gates lead to Vila-Adentro, the historical old town of Faro. At the entry of which one can you find this mosaic?

  • A  Arco da Vila / B  Arco do Repouso / C  Arco da Porta Nova.

(10) There is a place at the Algarvian coast with sweet water springs below the ocean’s surface. What is its name?

  • A  Olhos de Água / B  Quatro Águas / C  Sitio das Fontes

(11) Golfer’s dream is to play an Ace, a hole-in-one, once in a lifetime. How many (theoretical) options do you have on a round of golf in Vale do Milho (a 9hole Par27 course) to play an “Albatross”?

  • A  Zero (0) / B  One (1) / C  Nine (9) - An Albatross is three under Par

(12) Three rivers and several creeks from the Algarve are emptying into the Atlantic Ocean. One of them is changing its name at the estuary mouth:

  • A  Rio Sequa / B  Rio Arade / C  Rio Guadiana  - The river is called here Rio Gilão

(13) St. Lawrence, the patron saint of Almancil and also of the cooks and chefs, suffered a martyr's death:

  • A  He was stoned to death / B  He was roasted on a grill / C  He was decapitated

(14) Cabo de Sao Vicente near Sagres is named after the deacon Vincent of Saragossa. According to the legend his bones were brought to the cape

  • A  By ravens / B  In a whale’s stomach / C  On board of a caravel

(15) To navigate around the dangerous Cape Bojador was a mile stone on the sea way to India in the Age of the Portuguese Discoveries. Who was the first Portuguese Captain to succeed in 1434?

  • A  Henry the Navigator / B  Gil Eanes / C  Vasco da Gama

(16) This popular Trattoria is situated in the heart of Almancil. The lucky winner of our riddle will be invited here for a lunch for two persons. The name of the place is:

  • A  Grissino / B  Panini / C  Bruscetta

Thanks to all participants!

If you want to improve your knowledge of the beautiful Algarve, have a look at our Algarve-Portal from time to time!